I Love Massages

Swedish                   1 Hour $70, 1.5 Hour $105

​This treatment uses various kinds of strokes such as friction,

petrissage, effleurage and tapotement to increase circulation.


Deep Tissue               1 Hour $75, 1.5 Hour $110

The therapist uses direct deep pressure or friction to focus

on deep layers of muscles.


Hot Stone                 1 Hour $75, 1.5 Hour $110

Heated hot stones are slowly massaged to the whole body to

help improve circulation and reduce tension.

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs         30 Minute $20

Experience a weightless sensation allowing you to deeply relax. Scientifically proven position can improve overall circulation & release tension. Massage provides relief from neck and back pain.


30 Minute Massage                 $40 - your choice of massage

Prenatal Massage               $70

2 Hour massage                 $140 - your choice of massage