Nail Services




I Love Nails & Spa Classic Manicure           $20 & up

Nail trimming, shaping, removal of cuticles and a hand massage.

Finished with polishing or buffing of the nails.


I Love Nails & Spa Ultimate Manicure          $30 & up

Seaweed mask is used for hot/cold therapy to help increase circulation​

or paraffin wax to help moisturize the skin. I love nails & spa special 

eucalyptus massage cream used to massage for added relaxation. 


Classic Pedicure                             $30 & up

​Our Classic Pedicure includes trimming of toenails, shaping, removal of

cuticles and calluses. Then a leg and foot massage is performed to relieve 

aching. Polish is the final step to our Classic Pedicure.

Ultimate Pedicure                            $38 & up

The I Love Nails & Spa classic pedicure is performed. Then we gently

manipulate the sea salt to eliminate dead skin on the legs and feet.

A seaweed mask is applied to stimulate circulation and a warm towel is

wrapped around the feet to create hot and cold therapy. Hot eucalyptus

rub is used to reduce aching and sore feet.

Hot Stone is an additional $5

Supreme Detox Pedicure                       $55 & up

A detox pedicure that help improve skin's appearance & revive & moisturize 

dry skin. Added collagen to help promote & improve skins elasticity.

Different aromatherapy scents to target circulation & detox needs. 

Dip Nails

The next generation in Nail Enhancement. A type of manicure that gives very similar results to a gel polish and an acrylic set. The fingers are dipped into a powder fortified with calcium and vitamin E allowing natural nails to breath and grow while providing nutrition.


Fullset Color Dip                                       $40 & up

Fullset French Dip                                      $45 & up

Other Services

Services are recommended for refill every 2-3 weeks to maintain healthy nails.

Acrylic Full Set                                        $35 & up

Acrylic Fills                                           $30 & up

Acrylic Tip full set                                    $35 & up

Pink & White (solar) full set                           $50 & up

Pink Fill & White Fill                                  $45 & up

Nail Repair                                             $ 5 & up

Polish Change Hands                                     $ 10 & up

Polish Change Toes                                      $ 13 & up

French or American Polish                               $ 12 & up

Nail Soak Off                                           $ 5 & up

Design                                                  $ 7 & up

Gel Polish                                              $ 20 & up  

Gel Polish w/ Manicure                                  $ 35 & up

Gel French/American w/ Manicure                         $ 40 & up

Kids pedicure/Manicure 

Classic Manicure                 $15

Classic Pedicure               $ 22

Kid's Combo Manicure & Pedicure $ 35