I Love Nails & Spa

Specials & Packages

1 Hour Swedish Massage

+ I Love Nails & Spa Ultimate Pedicure         $100


1 Hour Combination Massage

+ 1 Microdermabrasion Treatment                $140


1 Hour Hot Stone Massage + Microdermabrasion

+ I Love Nails & Spa Ultimate Pedicure         $175


Treatments for Everyone


Ear Candling                                   $35

A safe and ancient remedy to help 

with sinusitis, ear infections, hearing

loss, wax build up, swimmer's ear, 

headaches & migraines, runny nose

and sore throats.


Eyelash Extension                     New Set $135 & Up

                                        Refill $50 & Up



Lash lift                                      $80   

Semi-permanent treatment that gives 

natural lashes an illusion of perfectly

curled lashes with added definition.

Great for enhancing your natural lashes 

with minimal maintenance.